assignment of rights and obligations

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The transfer of a right from one party to another. For example, a party to a contract (the assignor) may, as a general rule and subject to the express terms of a contract, assign its rights under the contract to a third party (the assignee) without the consent of the party against whom those rights are held. Obligations cannot be
Assignment of Rights and Obligations. At any time, the Investors may assign any of their rights and obligations under this Section 5 in whole or in part to any third party.
A party can also assign only the benefits of the contract, and retain the obligations. This is called an assignment of rights. Assignments involve at least three parties. These parties are the assignee, the assignor, and the obligor. For example, let's say that I sell my TV to Red for $2,000. Red doesn't have $2,000 right now,
Qatar: Assignment of rights and Obligations under the Qatari Civil Code. by Sarah El Serafy - -. Lenders providing financing for the construction or purchase of assets such as a power plant, ship or building often stipulate that the receivables arising from the asset should be assigned to the lenders.
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'Assignment' means transfer of contractual rights or liability by a party to the contract to some other person who is not a party. It would not be wrong to say that as a matter of established principle, obligations are not assignable and once assigned it amounts to novation. For example, if A owes B. INR. 500 and B owes C a like
After assignment, the assignee is entitled to the benefit of the contract and to bring proceedings against the other contracting party to enforce its rights. The assignor still owes obligations to the other contracting party, and will remain liable to perform any part of the contract that still has to be fulfilled since the burden cannot
the assignment of monetary obligations. However, when the assigned. right concerns a non-monetary performance, the remedy may not. always be sufficient. The present article excludes the possibility of. assigning such rights when the transfer would render the obligation. significantly more burdensome for the obligor.

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